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FILA CR10 1 litro Epoxy residue cleaner


FILA CR10 1 litro Epoxy residue cleaner


FILA epoxy residue cleaner CR10 1 Liter

High viscosity liquid detergent for cleaning epoxy and resinous grout residues, stains and rims.

Ideal for non-absorbing materials such as porcelain stoneware, ceramic and glazed stoneware and vitreous mosaic (gresite).

Thanks to its density, it removes stains, stains and epoxy grout residues.
Effective also in case of consistent and hardened residues.
Respects the material.
Easy to apply.
Pleasant almond scent.
Ideal for
Extruded stoneware
Ceramic and glazed stoneware
Vitreous Mosaic (stoneware)
Extruded Glazed