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FILA Hidrorep Eco 1 liter water-repellent breathable protector.


FILA Hidrorep Eco 1 liter water-repellent breathable protector.

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FILA Hidrorep Eco 1 liter breathable water-repellent protector.

Ecological water-based water-repellent with a natural effect.
Deeply waterproofs the material while preserving its breathability.
Hinders the growth of algae, molds and lichens.
Defends against degradation caused by atmospheric agents.
Anti-greening barrier certified by tests carried out according to the UNI EN ISO 846: 1999 method.
Ideal for the protection of exterior walls.
Resistant to UV rays.
Does not alter the frost resistance of the material.
Anti-efflorescence: prevents saltpetre from coming out of the material.
Can be applied on surfaces with residual humidity, drastically reducing waiting times between treatment phases.
The product maintains the level of transpiration of the material above 90%.
ideal for
Unpolished Natural Stone
Unpolished Natural Stone
Extruded Stoneware