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FILA Filacleaner Concentrated neutral detergent 1 liter


FILA Filacleaner Concentrated neutral detergent 1 liter


FILA Filacleaner 1 liter concentrated neutral detergent.

Gently cleans all types of floors and coatings.
Respects treated and delicate surfaces.
Ideal for final cleaning of natural stone floors with polished finish as well as those sensitive to strong detergents.
Cleans without damaging the surface.
With high dilutions (1:200) it is not necessary to rinse as it does not leave residues.
Highly concentrated, can be used in several dilutions.
Ideal for routine maintenance of all waxed surfaces.
Can be used with clean and dry machine with high dilutions (from 1:200).
Ideal for laminates.
Pleasant fragrance.
Ideal for
Extruded Stoneware
Ceramic and glazed stoneware
Extruded Stoneware
Polished Natural Stone
Laminated Plastici
Rubber and PVC